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Workers Compensation

Worker’s Compensation benefits are available to individuals who are injured while working for his/her employer.  The rights and benefits of injured workers and their families are governed by the Workers Compensation Act. Claims for Workers Compensation Benefits are filed with the Department of Industrial Accidents.  The Workers’ Compensation system benefits employees and their families by supplying no-fault recovery for injuries and diseases arising out of and in the course of employment. Simply stated, even if your injury is your own fault, you are still entitled to worker's compensation benefits. Massachusetts’s law requires employers to obtain worker’s compensation insurance to cover employees for work related injuries. 

Attorney Sean Beagan has been successfully handling worker's compensation claims for injured employees for the past thirteen years. He and his team are fully prepared to guide you through the process from initial intake, monitoring of your medical treatment and when appropriate, settlement of your case.  If your claim is denied by your employer, Attorney Beagan and his staff will immediately file a claim for benefits for you and represent you through the entire claims process.

If you are injured at work, report the injury immediately to your employer.  If your injury causes you to be disabled from working, contact Beagan Law Office at 781-393-9948 or email attorney Beagan directly at

Immediate reporting and documentation of your case is critical to a successful claim.  Attorney Beagan and his staff will deal directly with the worker's compensation insurer to make sure you receive the full benefit you are owed.

Attorney Beagan has handled all types of workplace injuries, including, physical injuries, workplace death, scarring, repetitive stress injuries and mental health injuries caused by workplace events.  Some of the most common injuries, include lifting injuries, injuries caused by falls, injuries resulting in lacerations, and injuries caused by overuse of a body part.

Third-Party Claims:

Attorney Beagan and his team will thoroughly review and investigate your worker’s compensation case to identify whether another party, other than your employer or a co-employee, is at fault for your workplace accident.  This could result in an additional financial settlement for you and your family, over and above your workers compensation benefits.  Many worker's compensation attorneys will not handle a third-party case because of the extra costs involved and because often times they required filed a lawsuit in the Massachusetts courts.  Attorney Beagan will handle all aspects of your third-party claim, including negotiation and judicial approval of settlement and taking the case to court and to trial if the third-party denies it is responsible to you for your injuries.  Third party cases often arise when an employee is injured while operating a motor vehicle and is struck by another driver.  Additionally, a third-party claim may arise on a construction site, when an employee was working for a subcontractor but the employee’s injuries are caused by the negligence of another subcontractor or the general contractor.

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