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Probate & Estate Planning Services

Attorney Beagan provides basic estate planning services, including the creation of wills, trusts, health care proxies and powers of attorney and probating of estates when a family member has passed.

Probate Litigation Lawyer

In a perfect world, all estate documents would be concisely and properly drafted and would be implemented as written and family members would arrive at fair and equitable agreements over property division.  However, in reality, legal disputes often arise out of the most simple probate documents giving rise to competing interests.

At Beagan Law Office, Attorney Beagan and his staff handle all types of probate litigation including will contests, will and trust interpretation and guardianships.  Beagan Law Office will fight hard to protect and advance your interests.  Whether you are a personal representative/executor of an estate or trustee of trust or a beneficiary of an estate or trust contact Beagan Law Office for a free consultation at 781-393-9948 or email attorney Beagan directly at

In Massachusetts a will can be contested on many grounds such as:


Lack of capacity - The issue is whether the testator lacked the mental capacity to create/sign the will. Will contests based upon the testator's lack of mental capacity are common types of will contests.

Undue Influence - . An undue influence probate challenge relates to whether the testator made a will freely, without being coerced by another person(s). For example, a person may pressure an elderly individual to leave all of their property/assets to that individual, omitting family members that typically would be entitled to the inheritance.

If you have any questions as to the validity of a family member’s will or are facing a will contest contact Beagan Law Office today for a free consultation at 781-393-9948.

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