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                                    BEAGAN LAW OFFICE, LLC 


General Litigation

Attorney Beagan is familiar with the Massachusetts court system and has successfully tried cases before juries and judges in the Districts Courts, Superior Courts, Probate Courts and Appeals Court, including appearing before the Commonwealth’s highest court, the Supreme Judicial Court.  Attorney Beagan has also represented injured workers before the Department of Industrial Accidents and has represented clients before the Division of Professional Licensure when a complaint has been filed against a client’s professional license. 

At certain times in your life you may find that you have a dispute that cannot be settled without the matter being taken to court.  Other times you may find that you’ve been sued.  These disputes can be personal or business related.  If you find yourself in one of these situations, you need an experienced lawyer such as Attorney Beagan to protect your interests, make sound decisions, control your costs and help you to understand the legal ramifications.  The process of filing a law suit and taking a matter through the court system is commonly referred to as litigation. 

Litigation is stressful on the client and Attorney Beagan’s goal is to quickly bring your case to a resolution by providing you the best possible advice.  However, Attorney Beagan recognizes that some matters cannot be resolved without a judge or jury making a decision for the parties and Attorney Beagan will be ready to take your case to trial when the time comes.

At Beagan Law Office, LLC, we litigate a wide range of disputes for individuals and businesses ranging in size from sole proprietorships to partnerships to national corporations.  Attorney Beagan will apply his years of experience and legal skills to resolve your dispute quickly and in the best interest of you or your company.

Attorney Sean Beagan has successfully litigated the following types of matters in the Massachusetts Courts:

• Business Disputes, including shareholder and partnership disputes
• Breach of Contract actions
• Actions for damages caused by another’s negligence
• Employment Contracts, including non-compete and non-disclosure provisions
• Fraud/93A violations arising out of contracts
• Misrepresentation (intentional or negligent)
• Real Estate Contract Disputes, including Purchase and Sale Agreements
• Will Contests
• Family Law issues including child support, custody and divorce
• Leases, including landlord/tenant claims and evictions
• Defense of Harassment and 209A Restraining Orders

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