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                                    BEAGAN LAW OFFICE, LLC 


Our Philosophy


Individualized solutions for maximum results.
I strive to provide superior legal representation to my clients.  Every case is unique and as a result, I work with my staff towards individalized solutions for each client's case.  I understand that when a client retains my services, often that client is asking me to address a matter that is very significant to the financial and emotional well-being of the client, the client's family, or their business.  I do not take my client's trust lightly.  There is no "cookie-cutter" formula that can be applied to the practice of law and I do not  accept that your case should be handled in such a fashion.  Neither should you. 
Please feel free to call my office to discuss your legal issue.  Initial consultations are free.  I can be reached at my Office:781-393-9948, Fax:781-393-9949 or via e-mail at

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