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Massachusetts Workers' Comp and Lump Sum Settlements

In Massachusetts, many workers compensation claims are settle by way of Lump Sum Settlement. In a lump sum settlement, an insurer or self-insured employer pays the injured worker a lump sum amount of money and in exchange the injured worker gives up the right to collect future weekly disability benefits. A lump sum settlement may also include the payment for future medical benefits related to the injury, referred to as an "accepted" claim. When a lump sum settlement does not include future medical benefits related to the injury, it is referred to as an "unaccepted" claim. 

Determining When to Accept a Lump Sum Settlement

Determining when a lump sum settlement is appropriate requires an attorney with experience handling workers compensation claims. Questions such as timing of the settlement, the amount of the settlement and whether future medical benefits will be included as well as the correlation between your workers compensation benefits and social security disability benefits must be addressed. Answering these questions requires an analysis of the employee's particular situation, including a review of the injured worker's medical record, the circumstances surrounding the injury,  the insurer's stance in regards to the injury and the injured worker's plans for the future. 

Once a workers compensation claim is settled the injured worker may return to work for a new employer if the injured worker is physically capable.  All workers compensation settlements must be approved by the Department of Industrial Accidents prior to payment being made.

Answers to Your Questions

Often, workers injured on the job have many questions about the workers' compensation process and the amount of benefits awarded. As an experienced lawyer, I am available to answer questions, to review disability benefits payments and to represent workers and their families throughout the process. Call 781-393-9948 or send me an email at to schedule a free initial consultation at Beagan Law Office, LLC. 

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