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Obtaining workers' compensation benefits is important for workers injured on the job. But there is a question all workers should ask: are your benefits reflecting your full wages?

For a review of your benefits and answers to your workers' compensation questions, contact Beagan Law Office, LLC, in Medford, Massachusetts. Call 781-393-9948 or email me at to schedule a free initial consultation.

Ensuring you Receive Full Compensation

As a lawyer dedicated to representing the interests of injured workers, I conduct numerous reviews of compensation benefits. My goal is to ensure you receive full benefits due for your work-related injury. From guiding clients through the application process to appealing denied disability benefits claims, I am a strong advocate for victims' rights.

If you are receiving benefits, you may benefit from a review of your remuneration. Often, those receiving workers' compensation are paid an amount that does not reflect full earnings. For example, if you have more than one employer but are unable to work at either job due to injury, you are entitled to be compensated for both jobs.

Another area that may be missed when determining workers' comp benefits is overtime. Employers may report to the insurer only the standard wage and not include regular overtime pay. 

Handling the Details

When you choose me, Attorney Beagan, to handle your workers' compensation case, I will listen to your concerns, explain the process from start to finish and handle the details for you. I will work with you to maximize your wages and review your disability benefits and settlements. For a free consultation, contact me at 781-393-9948 or email me at today.

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