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Worker's Compensation Benefits Eligibility in Massachusetts

Employees injured during the course of employment may be eligible to receive workers' compensation for disability benefits. However, there are stringent requirements that must be met pertaining to timelines and application procedures. 

At Beagan Law Office, LLC, in Medford, Massachusetts, I guide injured workers through the workers' compensation application process. If there is an initial denial, I will file claims for benefits on behalf of my clients. My goal is to obtain the benefits you need while helping to make your return to work as seamless as possible. Contact our office today, if you or a  loved one has been injured on the job. Call me at 781-393-9948 or send me an email at, to schedule a free consultation. 

Determining Eligibility 

If you were injured in the course of your employment, you may be eligible for medical benefits, lost wages and compensation for any loss of function/use of body parts. In order to collect lost wages for a work related injury, you must be out of work for five consecutive days due to the injury. It is crucial to report the injury to your employer and to obtain medical care promptly.  Without documenting your injury, it may be difficult to prove the extent of the injury or that it was work related.

Obtaining Disability Benefits

The amounts of benefits you receive is determined by your earning capacity and by the severity of your injury. Temporary total disability is paid at a lower rate, based on your earning capacity and the extent of disability. If you are able to work, you are not entitled to disability benefits.

As a lawyer, I represent injured workers apply for disability benefits and those appealing denied benefits.  I understand the law and I have more than 13 years of experience navigating the disability system.  With that understanding and experience, I can provide answers to my clients' questions and ensure they receive the full and compete payment of benefits they are eligible for after suffering a work related injury. To learn more about eligiblity for disability benefits, contact me today at 781-393-9948 or email me at to schedule a free initial consultation. 

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